Your Vision Is
Our Mission


What Are You Really Looking For?

You are looking for someone who can help. You might call them a chief of staff, director of operations, or even an executive pastor. In fact, a pastor nearing the end of his rope, called us in desperation. He was asking for an executive pastor but was not in a place to hire one.

After hearing him out and diving into his situation we said he didn’t actually want an executive pastor. What he really wanted was someone to do human resources; someone to manage the books; someone to onboard volunteers and create a leadership pipeline; someone to run interference between them and their congregation; a friend; a counselor; and a brother. Admittedly, he agreed. We are not a silver bullet. But we do offer immediate and relevant solutions to your problems. At Second Chair Solutions YOUR VISION IS OUR MISSION.


We have been there before.

We know the struggle, and we know how to get you to where you want to be. Let us walk with you and your organization to get you from where you are to where you are supposed to be.



Second Chair has been very instrumental in my transition into a Campus Pastor role. It has offered me sound judgement both professionally and personally. Every leader needs a safe place to process and feel like they are receiving applicable counsel that will both benefit them and the people they are serving, Second Chair has done this well.
— Gabe Smith, Our Savior's Church Campus Pastor, Broussard, LA
Second Chair Solutions has an uncanny ability to challenge the status quo and provide viable solutions for future advancement. Simply put, they are real, relevant, resourceful, and reliable.
— Ed Love, The Wesleyan Church, Director of Church Multiplication
Second Chair Solutions are not only partners, but they are friends. They are constantly innovating, researching, and helping make sure we are at our best.
— Matt LeRoy, Love Chapel Hill
Second Chair was able to come in and help stabilize our staff and our finances. Stopping a 3 year financial loss and rebuilding a positive reputation in our community.
— Mark Dupuis, The Orchard Apple Stores
Having Second Chair come alongside during my transition into Lead Pastor was instrumental in our growth and stability. I am thankful for their partnership and continued friendship.
— Dr. Scott Adams, Our Savior's College